Living in Kauai

Known as “The Garden Island,” Kaua‘i is the second oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Living and working on Kaua‘i, you’ll be able to explore the golden sands of the island’s 25 distinct beaches, as well as stunning rainforests, canyons, waterfalls, parks, and wildlife refuges. And on any of your walks through Kaua‘i’s beautiful parks and forests, you’ll likely see some of the rarest birds and plants in the world.

Island Weather

The weather on Kauai is as idyllic as the sunsets. The average yearly temperature on the island ranges from 84 degrees to 69 degrees, and once you’re in the water, the ocean temperatures range from 71 degrees to 81 degrees.

Outdoor Recreation

Kauai is known as the “Garden Island” and offers a virtually endless horizon of opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can relax on the more than 50 miles of Kauai’s 25 stunning beaches or spend time exploring the island’s beautiful rainforests, canyons, waterfalls, parks, and wildlife refuges. On any of your walks through Kauai’s parks and forests you’re likely to see some of the rarest birds and plants in the world.

Island Transportation

There is a wide range of options for getting around the 552-square-mile island of Kauai. Lihue Airport (LIH) is on the east side of the island and serves as the main hub for air transportation. Most residents get around via cars, motorcycles, and mopeds, while bus and shuttle services are available as well. Some areas of the island are great for biking. There is one major highway that circles the island, and Kauai’s “aloha” driving customs include driving slowly and yielding to others.


From retail and groceries to surf shops, antiques, and farmers markets, living on Kauai will offer you an abundance of shopping outlets for all of your needs. You’ll have easy access to Costco, Walmart, Big Save, Times Market, and Foodland. Coconut Marketplace features more than 70 shops ranging from jewelry to art to fashion. And there’s a vibrant collection of shopping and dining villages on every corner of the island.

Luke Kahawai

Luke Kahawai

  • Island: Kauai
  • District: Kauai
  • Position: Physical Education (PE)
Kauai is a small community and it's that family atmosphere that makes working on Kauai so great.
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