What are your requirements?

To qualify for a teaching position with the Hawaii Department of Education individuals must have earned a bachelor’s degree and completed a State Approved Teacher Education Program from a regionally accredited college/university which includes student teaching in an elementary through high school setting. Other ways in which you may qualify is if you:

  • completed a state approved alternative licensure program
  • have a standard license and have taught under that license for three out of the last seven years in the state that issued the license
  • completed a teacher education program in another country for which transcripts have been evaluated by an acceptable foreign credential evaluation service

If you do not meet the above qualifications, you do not qualify as a certified teacher, school counselor or school librarian. However, if you possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, you may apply for a teaching position, in your field of study.

Please keep in mind that your application will be considered for a position only after all qualified applicants have been placed. Please be aware that in order for you to obtain your Hawaii teaching license, you must complete meet the requirements of a State Approved Teacher Education Program. Presently, these requirements must be completed within the first three school years of your employment in order to continue to teach. However, this may change in the future. You will need to show that you are actively pursuing a license within each year of employment. In addition, you will need to obtain an Emergency Hire Special Permit within each year of employment until you are issued a Hawaii teaching license by the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board. Lastly, there is no guarantee for reemployment.