Clint Labrador

  • Island: Molokai
  • Class: 5th and 6th grade Special Education Teacher
  • Years of Teaching: 19
  • Field/Office: Kaunakakai Elementary School
  • Complex Area: Hana-Lahainaluna-Lanai-Molokai
  • Home Town: Cerritos, California
  • District: Maui
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What do you think is the Hawaii Department of Education’s greatest strength?

I think the Hawaii Dept. of Education’s greatest strength is the sense of Aloha. With the adoption of the HA framework, the HIDOE has emphasized a sense of belonging here unique to anywhere else. In addition, the HIDOE has many opportunities for collaboration and advancement among educators within the state from different islands. Some of these programs include the Teacher Leader Academy and DOE Teacher Fellows.

What do you think is the greatest strength about the complex area that you work in? What is your complex area known for?

The greatest strength of the Molokai Complex Area is that we started to meet as an island and vertically align our goals starting with what we envision for a Molokai High School Graduate and then backwards mapping from there.

What are some fun activities that individuals enjoy doing outside school hours within the COMPLEX AREA that you represent?

Fishing, Hunting, Gardening, Paddling, Distance running/biking, hiking, reading, shell collecting, surfing

What do you enjoy most about the students you teach in Hawaii?

What I enjoy most about the students I teach is that they constantly teach me things about the land (aina) that I have never known. I am constantly impressed by their physical abilities to work on the land. I also enjoy their genuine love for their island and wanting to protect and preserve their culture and way of life.

What do YOU enjoy doing in your free time while in Hawaii?

I enjoy surfing, paddling canoe, gardening and landscaping and spending time with my family.

What’s YOUR favorite local food on your island? How would you describe the food?

My favorite food on Molokai is the fresh luau food gathered from the sea such as fresh fried fish, opihi (limpet), Lau-lau (pork and fish wrapped in taro leaves) and lomi-lomi salmon (salmon with diced tomatoes)

What’s your favorite place to eat on your island? What kind of food is it?

My favorite place to eat on Molokai is my house because I like to catch fish and prepare it with different preparations. It is very rewarding to catch your meal and prepare it exquisitely.