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Belong to an openhearted ‘ohana of teachers and learners.

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Embrace a diverse range of student voices and empower them to be heard.

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Immerse yourself in meaningful connections, local values, and a broad worldview.

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Foster a collaborative spirit through a rich mosaic of educational opportunities.

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We call it Forever Learn. It’s the way we bring the circle of learning to life… student from teacher, teacher from student, people from place. The connections are everywhere, it never stops, and it’s how we empower students to realize their potential and make their voices heard. All it needs is you.


Life in Hawai‘i

You don’t become a part of the HIDOE community, it becomes part of you. Much of this is because of the lifestyle you’ll find in Hawai‘i. Every day is an opportunity to learn from nature and beauty and the power of Hawaiian values, in a setting that simply cannot be matched.

Hawai‘i Department of Education Events

Experience firsthand some of the people, philosophies, and happenings that make teaching and learning with us such a special experience.

April 29
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Workforce Development Job Fair

Join the Hawaii State Department of Education teacher recruitment staff at the virtual Workforce Career Fair to learn more about teaching in Hawaii.  This is an informational event only.
10:00 am—2:00 pm (hawaii-aleutian standard time)
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May 3
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HIDOE Application Process

Come join the Teacher Recruitment staff as they discuss the application and hiring process for the 2022-2023 SY and beyond!
2:00 pm—3:00 pm (hawaii-aleutian standard time)
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May 11
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HIDOE Application Process

Come join our Teacher Recruitment Staff to learn more about the application and hiring process for SY 2022-2023
3:00 pm—4:00 am (hawaii-aleutian standard time)
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June 1
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HIDOE-TECC Virtual Hiring Fair

Our largest virtual hiring event of the year! Meet with 80+ Principals statewide for available job-openings for SY 2022-2023.  Only individuals accepted into the HIDOE hiring pool will receive an invitation to this event.  Apply today!
10:00 am—1:00 pm (hawaii-aleutian standard time)
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Exploring Hawaii

Career Changers

If it’s a new adventure in teaching, learning, and living that you’re looking for, you’ve found it.


Aspiring Educators

HIDOE offers an ideal foundation for new teachers who want to spend their careers empowering students.